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BIGBOZ 4 Universal X True Duals (Dumped)

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Introducing the BIGBOZ 4 X True-Dual Universal Dump Kit.

At BIGBOZ Exhaust we looked at what we offer and asked ourselves “How can we improve & innovate?” After many hours of R&D, asking people what they would like to see next, and even producing and testing many prototypes, we finally found the solution!

Our new BIGBOZ 4X True-Dual Universal Dump Kit is sure to make your truck sound mean! Featuring a full 3” 304 Stainless Steel construction and 100% TIG WELDED this kit features an X-Pipe inlet to allow a smooth flow of exhaust gas, from there the incoming gases are then met by our BIGBOZ 4 muffler which through its unique baffle system compresses the incoming exhaust gases and builds healthy backpressure and smooths the flow before finally being sent through another baffle at the outlet of the muffler body which allows the exhaust note to sound aggressive and eliminate any raspiness. From there its out the end of the kit where the exhaust is dumped.

For those who want to have a mean-sounding ride, but appreciate it also being quieter, we offer this kit with our new BIGBOZ 4P Glass-pack mufflers to absorb distortion and lower the sound level while sounding just as smooth as our pack less muffler offering!

This kit is 47” long, has 3” piping, and will need to be welded or clamped in place. (Clamps not included.)

We highly recommend you have a professional install this product.
BIGBOZ Exhaust is not responsible for any injury person/s installing product or damage to vehicle product is being installed on. By purchasing this product, the purchaser assumes any & all responsibility should injury or damage occur during installation of said product.

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