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BIGBOZ Performance 2015-2023 V8 Dodge Charger Kit Muffler + Exhaust Tips Axleback

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Introducing the Big Boz Performance 2015-2023 V8 Dodge Charger Kit Muffler + Exhaust Tips Axleback! PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A PREORDER THAT WILL TAKE UP TO 10 DAYS TO PROCESS!

This axle-back kit, including a mid-muffler delete made of premium 304 stainless steel, is designed to elevate your 2015+ V8 model Dodge Charger to an exhilarating level of performance! NEW: All axle-backs now come equipped with a mid-muffler delete, enhancing the exhaust note to a 70% increase in loudness.

Compatible with RT, Scat Pack, SRT, & Hellcat Chargers, this setup delivers an aggressive exhaust sound with a deep, resonant tone. Choose from our selection of best-selling 5" exhaust tips available in various captivating colors to give your Charger's rear end an eye-catching appeal!

Crafted entirely in the USA with precision TIG welding, this kit ensures durability and longevity due to its construction with 304 stainless steel. Note: The mid-muffler delete is specifically designed to intensify the exhaust's volume by 70% while maintaining exceptional durability, ensuring years of dependable use.

Installation requires a 13mm socket + extension, ratchet/impact, sawzall, and welder. However, please be aware that any prior exhaust modifications might impact the fitment, potentially necessitating additional adjustments during installation.

DISCLAIMER: Ideal for 2015+ V8 model Chargers with the factory exhaust intact. Any previous exhaust alterations may affect fitment and necessitate further modifications during installation. Please note, the muffler comes powder-coated black; however, expect discoloration/scuffing after the initial break-in period of the exhaust system.